Horace Hunter: News Worth Sharing

If you haven’t read this article about the federal government’s forecast for biomedical equipment technicians (BMETs), you should immediately.

The healthcare technology management community should share this article with administrators, CEOs, CFOs, vendors, technical schools, universities, BMETs and others to get prepared for a change in staffing needs.

I agree with the forecast that young professionals can benefit by a wave of retirements and should be prepared to relocate to rural areas for job opportunities.

Biomed managers need to prepare themselves for an increase in specialize technology technicians due to the changes in technology. The increase technology for interfacing vital signs, imaging, and other data generated from medical equipment into medical records is in big demand.

Horace Hunter

Clinical Engineering Manager

Archbold Memorial Hospital

Thomasville, GA

One thought on “Horace Hunter: News Worth Sharing

  1. To assure high quality educational training programs for future Biomeds, I would like to see AAMI certify Biomedical Equipment Technology educational programs such as the one I oversee in Kentucky. I am highly concerned about the number of low-quality training programs that have suddenly dotted the landscape, particularly those originating from “for-profit,” two-year colleges.

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