Barrett Franklin: A Milestone for the TMC

Another successful TMC meeting today at AAMI 2012; a lot of great work is being done, with many new and exciting things coming down the pike. Stay tuned!
A huge thanks to Carol Davis-Smith, who chaired her final TMC meeting today. She has, during her tenure as the TMC chair, driven us down a successful path and helped point us in a direction toward continued success.

Barrett Franklin, MS CCE

Chief Clinical Engineer | VA Providence Medical Center

One thought on “Barrett Franklin: A Milestone for the TMC

  1. I agree with Battery’s post. Congratulations to Carol on a job well done.

    As someone has been on the TMC since its inception, I think the TMC has been one of AAMI’s most successful ventures.

    AAMI staff also deserves a lot of credit for bringing many of the great ideas generated by the TMC to fruition.

    Alan Lipschultz
    HealthCare Technology Consulting
    Wilmington DE

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