Ken Maddock: Understanding the Value of Certification

I had the chance today to address the attendees of the BMET Examination and Review course. Today was Part II of the course with about 60 attendees. Yesterday was Part I with an attendance of about 100. It was very encouraging to see such a great turnout; such a commitment to learning. The class was extremely engaged and enthusiastic. A number of them are scheduled to take the certification exam on Tuesday, with many of the rest planning to take the exam at some point in the future. It was clear that this large group understands the value of certification. I hope that many of you who are not currently certified also understand the value and are planning to take the exam soon. Good luck to those taking the exam on Tuesday, or at some point in the future!

Ken Maddock

VP Healthcare Technology Management & Telecom Services

Baylor Health Care System

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