Spring 2013 Horizons: A Call for Papers on Home Healthcare

Home healthcare is delivered outside of healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, and can be delivered in a variety of settings, including the home, in schools, at work, and during travel. The explosive growth of home healthcare means that medical devices are being increasingly used away from controlled, acute care environments, and that clinical technology managers may have to manage equipment beyond those traditional walls. What special challenges need to be considered with the design, maintenance, and management of home healthcare devices?

Articles on all home healthcare topics are invited, including:

  • Factors behind the growth of home healthcareThe Horizons series
  • Home use, and how it extends beyond geriatric care
  • Unique characteristics of the environment
  • Caregiver perspectives on home healthcare
  • Clinician perspectives on home healthcare
  • Case studies: device use and maintenance at home
  • New technologies and new uses of old technologies
  • Patient labeling and good instructions for use
  • Human factors, user performance, and unique user characteristics (physical, emotional, cognitive)
  • Design and usability of home healthcare devices
  • Wireless issues for home care medical devices
  • Electromagnetic interference/shielding
  • Surveillance of marketed products (reporting, tracking, post-market studies)
  • Interoperability
  • How standards are influencing home use
  • Training and certification of users in the home
  • Affordable Care Act and how it affects home use

To Submit an Abstract

Send a brief description of your idea (250 words or less) by September 4, 2012 to Erika Hatva at ehatva@aami.org

Author Guidelines

The complete guidelines are available at www.aami.org/publications/AuthorGuidelines.pdf 


Abstracts due: September 4, 2012

Full papers due: October 15, 2012

Questions? E-mail Erika Hatva at ehatva@aami.org or call +1-703-253-8264

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