Doctor Writes About “10 Worst Hospital Design Features”

July 25, 2012


Val Jones, MD, the president and CEO of Better Health, LLC, a medical blogging network, recently wrote about the new perspective she has of hospitals after spending more than a week at the bedside of a loved one. Jones says she was impressed by the “excellent” clinical care, but dismayed by what she described as “preventable design and process flaws.” Jones named the top 10 flaws, starting with “false alarms.” To see Jones’ full list and read her assessment of the problems, go to:

What do you think of her list? Weigh in with your own comments.

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One Comment on “Doctor Writes About “10 Worst Hospital Design Features””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    And now we know what lawyers are for. I have worked in hospitals for almost 35 years, and almost all the “irritants” the good doctor spoke of are the result of a “near miss” or patient accident and the attempt by the haelthcare industry to cover its rear when the malpractice lawyers start to move in.


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