Susan Gillespie: A ‘Must-Read’ on Reprocessing

It has been nearly a year since the AAMI/FDA Medical Device Reprocessing Summit, and several new AAMI work items that came out of the summit are under way: A small group has been working hard all year to draft new technical information report (TIR) on endoscope reprocessing. And this fall, AAMI will begin work on a new standard on quality systems for medical device reprocessing. Another new initiative, on quantifying “how clean is clean” will begin soon.

The issue of device reprocessing continues to make news, from trade press to mainstream media. This month’s Men’s Health magazine offers an in-depth look at the challenges of device reprocessing, and endoscopes in particular — a must-read for anybody facing a procedure that utilizes an endoscope. To read the article, click here.


Susan Gillespie

Director, Standards



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