Manny Roman: Remembering a Friend and Colleague

Edward Kohut,  manager of training at DITEC, Inc., died at the age of 58 last month, succumbing to injuries he sustained in a fall. His loss has been deeply felt by the team at DITEC and associates around the country. DITEC President and co-founder Manny Roman had this to say about his friend:

“Ed was the most positive individual I have known.  His attitude was always, ‘Let’s just get it done. That’s all.’  He rarely relaxed when things needed attention, ensuring that we all shared the ‘can do’ attitude that allowed him to do such an outstanding job.  We lovingly called him’ ‘Mom.’ 

He trained thousands of radiology service professionals to dedicate themselves to maintaining equipment as if the next person on the table was a loved one.  He demanded everyone to aspire to a high standard and held himself to an even higher standard.  He holds an important place in the the healthcare industry, and he cannot be replaced.  He will be missed by anyone who knew him, yet it is worse that there will now be many who will have the misfortune of not knowing him.”

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