Marty Kaczmarowski: Wisdom for Managers and Engineers

Flash back to Scott Air Force Base in 1983. As a brand new biomedical technician in the Air Force, I was given to a wise old civilian engineer to follow around and for mentoring. He specialized in respiratory therapy and anesthesia equipment. This gentleman was tedious and a perfectionist. It was quite overwhelming. His attention to detail while working often scared me. Did I have what it takes to handle such responsibilities? As time passed I started to get it. People’s lives count on us!

During one particular PM, he shared two pieces of advice that have guided me wisely through my entire career in the biomedical field:

  • “Complete every repair and PM as if the next patient using that equipment is family.”  Both from operational and cleanliness standpoints, you should be proud to have touched that medical device.
  • “Make every financial and management decision as if you are paying for it with a check from your own personal account.”   You are a small company by yourself, so run it like you own it.

Marty Kaczmarowski is a project manager with ARAMARK Healthcare Technologies.

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