Shane Osborne: Do Your Friends Know What You Do?

They know what a cop does. They know what a nurse does. They know what a clinical engi … wait … they probably don’t. I’m new to the world of biomedical equipment technicians and clinical engineers. The field never crossed my mind prior to my work with AAMI. It was never discussed at the dinner table or in my guidance counselor’s office when I was a student. This is not uncommon. I also don’t know who calibrates the amount of fuel needed for a plane that is three quarters full and traveling three hours.

How do we solve the challenge of raising awareness about healthcare technology management? How many people lost out on a career in HTM they would have loved only because they didn’t know about it? We probably can’t answer the second question, but the first, yes, I think we can. AAMI is taking steps, including the development of resources for guidance counselors and educators, the creation of a new HTM video, and organizing the annual HTM week celebration, which this year takes place May 18 – 24. AAMI is also considering creating a “Career Fair in a Box,” a resource for career fairs that would promote HTM. You can find most of our HTM resources here, and more are being added. Leaders in the field are becoming mentors, and schools are developing curriculum and marketing the field locally. These efforts came at a time when more media outlets and organizations are recognizing the crucial role healthcare technology plays in patient safety, and noting the promising career prospects offered by HTM. To capitalize on this moment, we need your help. What are your ideas?

Shane Osborne is vice president of membership and marketing at AAMI.

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