Sandra Calderon: As a Supervisor, Here’s What I Value in Employees

Although I strive to exploit the strengths of each member of our team, there are some important traits that can definitely make an employee stand out from the crowd. Whether I’m deciding who should earn a promotion, looking to recommend someone for a key project, or searching for a new hire to join the team, there are certain characteristics that always matter.

The top quality that stands out to me is usually passion. People who are passionate are much more likely to have a positive impact on the whole team. People who are passionate about the biomed profession tend to be more outgoing. They connect with their team and customers, and strive for quality assurance. These types of employees understand that the work they do is more than just a paycheck; to them, it is almost a calling.

Some other important traits are ambition, creativeness, reliability, and independence. Ambitious people understand that to reach the next level, they have to go beyond the written scope of work. Doing enough to get by doesn’t satisfy their need for success. Creative employees play key roles in problem solving as they tend to be the ones offering different perspectives. They think outside the box. Lastly, reliability and independence are always a strong suit for any employee interested in moving forward in his or her career. The two characteristics go hand in hand, but I think of reliability as more of a trust issue, while independence speaks to the ability of an employee to work unsupervised. It’s impossible to overstate the value of knowing that a project will be done correctly and efficiently—whether or not the supervisor is on hand.

Sandra Calderon is the BMET supervisor for INOVA Clinical Engineering in Falls Church, VA.

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