Mary Logan: Will You Join Me as an Ambassador on a New Journey?

I’ve just returned from my first trip to Japan, where my husband and I spent two weeks completely out of our comfort zones and deep in our learning zones. The impetus for the trip was an invitation to speak at the annual conference of the Japanese Society of Medical Instrumentation (JSMI), a long and devoted friend of AAMI.

On our own, I was often befuddled by the language, food, or navigation. At the same time, I learned a lot, something that would not have happened in the comfort of the family room with carryout sushi and a Japanese travel show on TV. I have never met a more welcoming group of people, always willing to stop and help with my rudimentary, charade-like sign and body language. The residents of Japan are incredible ambassadors for their unique country.

Closer to home, AAMI and ECRI Institute are embarking on a new journey together. We collaborate regularly, but this is a “first ever” adventure for both organizations. We are launching a joint, annual report called, Executive Insights on Healthcare Technology Safety.

It’s an executive-level report written by two C-Suite executives, Tony Montagnolo from ECRI and me. Our vision is an environment in which executives can focus on technology so they can monitor and think—before they have to act.

The report’s goal is to make it easy for executives to think about technology issues, by sharing our own C-level insights and perspectives on key technology safety issues that we believe deserve executive-level attention in both industry and healthcare delivery organizations. It’s not written in tech talk, and it doesn’t require navigation. We are ambassadors of sorts, hoping to win over nontechnical-oriented executives on behalf of the entire community of healthcare technology experts.

We need your help to get the report in the hands of senior executives. If you are a C-Suite executive in the medical device industry or a healthcare delivery organization, please share this new report with your colleagues. If you are not in the C-Suite, please use this report as a great opportunity to be on the front end of technology challenges by sharing it with someone in your organization who is in the executive ranks.

Like my new friends in Japan, we are all ambassadors—in our case, for healthcare technology safety. The more we share, the easier it will be for executives across healthcare to understand and be comfortable with technology issues. Think of it as recommending your favorite TV show or carryout restaurant to a busy friend.

Medical technology is complex, expensive, and indispensable to healthcare delivery organizations. AAMI and ECRI share the belief that issues such as clinical alarms management and cybersecurity are too important for executives in industry and healthcare delivery to simply delegate and hope for the best.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. Please let us know how you like our guide and give us your tips for how we can improve it. I’ll also happily take your tips on best places for yakitori in the U.S.–it’s a new favorite food.

Mary Logan is president of AAMI.

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