Deborah Reuter: How to Get Ahead in Your Career

Nose to the grindstone, burn the midnight oil, shoulder to the wheel—phrases that stir thoughts of a hard worker who strives to do the best job possible. And your supervisor should expect nothing less. But is it enough to get that desired promotion or salary bump?

Not in today’s world. You can perform your job responsibilities blindfolded, but there is so much more to being a valued member of the team. Demonstrating critical thinking skills and leadership attributes will make you a crucial resource when it comes to solving problems. Keeping up with the latest technology and industry trends will keep you relevant. Being able to collaborate and effectively communicate with multiple personalities will make you an effective team player.

You aren’t born with these skills that lead to success in the workplace. You need to develop them to become a well-rounded and respected employee. How can AAMI help you obtain these skills? The answer is simple: AAMI University. Launched last month during AAMI’s Annual Conference, it is the “go-to” resource for professionals in the medical device industry and healthcare technology management who want guidance on advancing their careers. When visiting AAMI University online, students can map out their training and professional development plan and track progress. The university will provide a blended learning environment by offering face-to-face courses as well as distance learning that allows easy access to training. Other educational resources, such as standards, publications, and websites, will also be available to students. Don’t forget the certifications that AAMI currently offers, and look for more in 2015. You can learn about those at the university, too.

Take a peek——and see how AAMI University can help you get that new title or pay increase. Let me know how the university has made a difference in your life: I would love to hear your success stories!

Deborah Reuter is dean of AAMI University and senior vice president of education at AAMI.

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