Mary Logan: ‘Tis the Season for Dreams Coming True

Celebrating Christmas as a child was magical because in my imaginary world it was about making dreams come true. My mom would say, “Don’t let your imagination run away with you,” which made me more determined in my conviction that dreams do come true. Even my dolls had visions of sugar plum fairies, and I spent hours wrapping small gifts from my collection of treasures—feathers, pebbles, ribbons, and other things I just knew they would cherish.

As my year-end tribute to all of you in the AAMI community, I’m sprinkling a little sugar plum fairy dust to help make these healthcare technology dreams come true:

  1. Every healthcare delivery organization has a systems engineering team to help “engineer” healthcare.
  2. The user interface on all technology is so intuitive (and standardized) that clinicians are free to focus on patients.
  3. All healthcare delivery organizations have standardized closed- loop medication safety systems that make workarounds unnecessary and eradicate preventable medication errors.
  4. Mandatory training of all clinicians on complex technology (with competence confirmed) is embraced by all credentialing bodies and professional societies.
  5. The FDA and medical device industry recognize that they share the same goals and are working collaboratively in a true win-win partnership of listening, being flexible, recognizing one another’s challenges, and finding common ground.
  6. HIT vendors and providers, with endorsement from the ONC, have enthusiastically co-developed and implemented voluntary AAMI risk management standards for health IT, freeing up resources to achieve health IT’s full potential.
  7. Preventable patient deaths from missed respiratory depression are as obsolete as smallpox because continuous monitoring for all patients on opioids is the norm.
  8. Healthcare delivery organizations all share clinical data inside of medical devices with one another, the vendor, and research community to support new clinical research and continuous learning from this data treasure trove.
  9. Alarm fatigue is solved by the AAMI Foundation’s National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety and its industry and research partners.
  10. We no longer need to talk about a culture of safetybecause it is ubiquitous.

These dreams are within reach, all because of your undaunted determination, talent, and collaborative spirit. Thank you for your passion and commitment to advancing the safety of healthcare technology—and health IT. We look forward to working side by side with you and supporting your dreams in 2015.

Mary Logan, JD, CAE, is president of AAMI.

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