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Donald Armstrong: Help Your Hospital in the Fight Against HAIs

April 25, 2017


It is a regulatory requirement to clean and disinfect medical equipment before being used on a patient. Such a practice is also simply the right thing to do. We need to keep our patients and hospital personnel safe. While that outlook is a no-brainer, the cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment is a complicated responsibility […]

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Samantha Jacques: Clinical Engineering Has Crucial Role in Facilities Projects

April 18, 2017

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For the past few years, AAMI, ACCE, HIMMS, and others have been working to bridge the gap between the clinical or biomedical engineering (or healthcare technology management) department and the information technology (IT) department within a hospital or hospital system. We continue to learn how valuable a relationship is between CE and IT and how […]

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Jennifer DeFrancesco: Are We Missing the Big Picture with Big Data?

April 13, 2017

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Healthcare technology management (HTM) prides itself on being driven by “big data.” We have more metrics and ways at making evidence-based decisions than most within the healthcare industry.  Now that we are well into the era of big data, the struggle has been making it relevant. Sure, as HTM, we have settled nicely into our […]

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Barbara Christe: Educators, Is this ‘Survivor’? HELP Us!

April 11, 2017


A recent article suggested that HTM-related education may be a “dying breed,” and I couldn’t agree more. That scares me! With programs closing around me and educators retiring, I know that our profession is in trouble—and I know our profession can do things to help. Picture driftwood on the beach, carefully laid out by educators, […]

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Robert Sayle: Attention Biomeds! Your IT Colleague Would Like to Chat

April 4, 2017


Hey, biomed! It’s me, Bob in IT. I’m from the networking team. I know we haven’t spoken much, but I think we should. You see, we’ve got some problems we need to solve. I have ideas on what to do, but I don’t totally understand your systems, so I need your input. Let’s take security […]

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