Steve Yelton: You’re an HTM Educator (Even if You Don’t Know It)

For years, AAMI has been a leader in supporting healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals in many ways. It has worked very hard in trying to enhance biomedical training programs. One goal has been to help create strong relationships between HTM departments in hospitals, third-party organizations, and colleges.

You may be asking: “What can I do to support this effort? I’m not an educator.” Guess what? You are an educator. Every day, you likely interact with someone in your department or throughout the hospital, helping with a problem or issue in a way that allows you to share your experience and expertise. You are the face of our profession, and you can be a huge influence on prospective HTM professionals. You also educate your hospital’s staff on how an HTM department can be a great resource.

I have the honor of chairing the Healthcare Technology Accreditation Committee, a relatively new group. One of its charges is to support AAMI’s role as the lead society for accreditation of college programs in biomedical engineering technology, now commonly referred to as HTM or similarly named programs within the Technology Accreditation Commission of The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (TAC-ABET). This committee started with nothing more than a vision—provided by people like you—of AAMI helping to improve the quality of college biomed training programs throughout the world. Yes, we help accredit programs worldwide.

I challenge you to provide your guidance to help create better HTM training programs and, more importantly, better HTM professionals. We could use your feedback since AAMI, through the committee, supports the accreditation commission in many ways, including:

  • Providing curricular criteria used for accrediting college HTM programs. These could be associate or bachelor degree programs.
  • Recommending evaluators who visit programs to check on whether they meet TAC-ABET’s strict guidelines that AAMI has helped to develop.
  • Providing naming criteria (and guidance for naming consistency) for these programs.

As a related item, AAMI is working on a repository of educational resources for anyone interested in HTM training and education. The resources are not intended for college use only. We welcome your ideas on what kind of resources would be helpful.

In closing, I’d like to thank the members of HTAC, which is comprised of educators and industry personnel. Barb Christe, Greg Herr, and Salim Kai, along with AAMI staffer Sherrie Schulte, have spent countless hours to get this initiative moving in such a positive direction.

Anyone who is interested in helping with this effort, please contact Sherrie at or look for us at the AAMI Annual Conference & Expo in Austin, TX in June. We want to hear from you. Together, we can bring HTM training and education to new heights.

Steven J. Yelton, PE, CHTM, is a senior HTM consultant and a professor of HTM at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College in Ohio. He is a member of AAMI’s Board of Directors, Executive Committee, the AAMI Foundation’s Board of Directors, chair of AAMI’s Technology Management Council, chair of AAMI’s HTAC Committee, and a member of ABET’s Board of Delegates

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