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Rose Seavey: Key to Effective Sterilization Lies in Clear, Practical Guidance

July 24, 2017


The proper cleaning and decontamination of medical instruments is a crucial part of safe patient care. In recognition of that fact, we have a community of experts who are dedicated to the development of standards that help to guide sterile processing professionals. A standard for sterile processing is only as good as its clarity and […]

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Robert Sayle: What Does Cybersecurity Need? Supplicants

July 18, 2017


Mornin’, biomed! It’s Bob in IT. I was just on my way to a meeting next door, and I thought I’d drop by to say hello. I wanted to follow-up with you about my request to have you start collecting MAC addresses as part of your staging process. Here’s the thing: MAC addresses are what […]

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Donald Armstrong: Network, Network, Network!!!

July 10, 2017


You may think I am talking about your hospital’s IT network, but you would be incorrect. At the recent AAMI conference (my favorite one, so far), there were many presentations and discussions about networks and networks security, but the best moments at the conference involved another kind of network: the networking I did with my […]

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William Hyman: Can the FDA Solve the Service Manual Problem?

July 6, 2017


The latest addition to the long-running battle over adequate access to service manuals for medical devices is The Joint Commission’s (TJC) announcement, via George Mills, at the recent AAMI Annual Conference that starting in January there will be a new element of performance, EC.01.01.01, EP 3, which states: “The organization has a library of information […]

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