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Robert Sayle: Going with the (Analytics) Flow

November 14, 2017


Hey biomed! It’s me again, Bob in IT. What are you doing up here in labor and delivery? I’m here troubleshooting a problem the nurses are having with their wireless phones. I’m glad I ran into you—got a moment? We’ve been talking a lot about on-boarding your equipment: authentication, profiling, and then securing the link. […]

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Ken Hoyme: Success in Medical Device Cybersecurity Demands Collaboration

November 13, 2017

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This has been a high-profile year for health information technology (IT) cybersecurity incidents, with a particular focus on medical devices being exposed to risk. While the WannaCry ransomware had a limited impact in the United States, it greatly affected hospitals in the United Kingdom. And although the system wiper, NotPetya, did not have a widespread […]

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Avinash Konkani: Improving Manufacturers’ Response Time in Correcting Problems

November 6, 2017


As healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals, we understand how challenging it is to manage medical device recalls, perform field safety correction, and advise affected customers. All three of these notifications (i.e., recalls, field safety correction, customer advisory) from manufacturers are categorized as “urgent.” We follow up with internal customers about these notifications, undergo the required […]

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