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Eben Kermit: When You’re Sick, ‘It Is What It Is’

January 25, 2018


After spending nine hours in the emergency department with abdominal pain (Part 1: Biomed Process Improvement from the Other Side of the Bed), I began my stay as a hospital inpatient. As an engineer, I continued to lean on my analytical “tool box” to notice areas for “process improvement.” I observed the “floor” as a […]

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Larry Fennigkoh: Lessons from the Hawaiian Missile Scare

January 23, 2018


The recent and horrific false ballistic missile attack alarm that occurred in Hawaii last week triggered a flood of emotion, as well as unpleasant parallel memories. While not on the same statewide scope as the incident in Hawaii, I’m reminded of situations when dedicated, well-meaning, and educated healthcare providers have also made mistakes, and patients […]

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Eben Kermit: ‘Process Improvement’ from the Other Side of the Bed

January 18, 2018


I am an engineer. By definition, I use the engineer’s “tool box” of observation, data, didactic reasoning, hypothesis, and testing to solve problems. One subset of these is “process improvement.” There are many popular and traditional methods including Six Sigma, Pareto charts, and Fish Bones. In addition, there are other metrics such as Net Promoter […]

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Arif Subhan: Educating Future Generations of Healthcare Technology Management Professionals

January 4, 2018

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Over the years, many of us have participated in mentoring, training, and certification activities related to the work of healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals (both clinical engineers and biomedical equipment technicians [BMETs]). Personally and professionally, we have benefited immensely from these efforts and found them to be highly rewarding. Many certification programs are available to […]

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William Hyman: FDA Database for Medical Device Recalls Falls Short

January 2, 2018


The FDA’s database for medical device recalls has a search function that includes a pull-down menu for the root cause of the recall. These root causes correspond to the single “FDA Determined Cause” on each recall notice. There are six different entries on the menu that use the word software. These are (in the order […]

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