Priyanka Upendra: A ‘Starter Kit’ for HTM Compliance Programs

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about the benefits of a having a dedicated healthcare technology management (HTM) compliance professional. Serving as a quality and compliance professional within HTM brings with it a whole set of projects, mini-projects, initiatives, and solutions that this professional will have to lead and develop. Such a person needs to be good working with multifaceted teams, be diplomatic and confident, and able to deep dive into problem areas that impact safety and efficiency.

So, how does one get started? Rather than documenting everything in Word or an Excel spreadsheet from ground zero, wouldn’t it be better to use a tool that serves as a base workbook? Perhaps a workbook that allows you to document the status of each shop and evaluate the services from each shop listed across seven major categories?

I’ve compiled a tool which I’ve used in the organizations I have worked with so far. I really think it would be a good practice to implement and adopt across our industry as a “starter kit.” This simple-to-use Excel workbook contains 14 tabs:

  • An introductory tab provides basic information about your program or shop
  • The next three tabs describe the purpose, a little more detail about the program or shop, and guidelines for the scoring.
  • Tabs four and five are something a math or Excel nerd can dig into. They contain the scoring sheet and tally sheet for all the scores from the next eight tabs.
  • The next seven tabs each represent a category of evaluation. They list various questions and scenarios that the evaluator can rate by observing services, interviewing staff, and reviewing retrievable documents.
  • The final tab is for a very basic sampling analysis the evaluator can do to review aspects of documentation in the CMMS.

This tool is a great starter when you want to assess your program or shop and quantify performance, as well as to prepare a “return to green” plan to improve areas that demand it. I have always been an advocate of information sharing and would be happy to provide tool, as well as answer any questions.

Priyanka Upendra is Quality & Compliance Program Director at Banner Health and a member of AAMI’s Technology Management Council, Awards Committee, Nominating Committee, and BI&T Editorial Board, as well as and an Executive Board member of the American College of Clinical Engineering. She is available at

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