Rob Jensen: Health Technology Innovation Is Vital to the Future of Healthcare

We are on the cusp of major change in the health technology field, and those who do not innovate are on a path of becoming irrelevant. Our members understand the need to demonstrate resiliency in the face of change—that’s why we introduced the Xcelerator Pitch Competition at the 2019 AAMI Exchange.

Last year, our team leveraged that conference the resources of the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland to introduce something new and valuable to our members. This successful event returns during AAMI Exchange 2020 in New Orleans, set for the afternoon of June 14. I encourage all health technology innovators to check out the opportunity and get engaged.

The relevance of this event touches all of us in healthcare, and specifically, our members. While large health technology innovators forge into the future with ample money and resources, it’s no secret that another group of innovators is working to advance technological ideas in their early stages but lack the resources and venture capital to get their ideas to the next stage.

It’s those health technology innovators that are our target for the AAMI Xcelerator Pitch Competition. This year’s pitch competition will invite up to 10 innovators to present their ideas to a panel of judges and compete for a $9,000 cash prize, mentoring, and access to business advisers. This has the potential to change the trajectory of your company and your product.

We are looking for innovative ideas that will help us advance our mission to advance safe, effective, and novel health technology. Those innovations may be a small improvement or could reshape how patient care is delivered in the future.

I hope to see you in New Orleans at AAMI Exchange 2020, and especially on June 14 at our Xcelerator Pitch Competition. These four days offer such a high-energy and rich networking environment where our attendees learn from each other and through our main stage presentations, education sessions, and vendor organizations on the exhibition floor. We also are honoring our second class of AAMI Fellows and other award recipients during the conference.

If you share a passion for improving healthcare through technology, I encourage you to join us!

Learn more about the AAMI Xcelerator Pitch Competition at

Rob Jensen is president and CEO of AAMI.

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