Danielle McGeary: To the Class of 2020

Recently, AAMI held a virtual graduation reception to honor all the healthcare technology management (HTM) students who had their graduation ceremony cancelled due to COVID-19.

On behalf of everyone at AAMI, we want to sincerely congratulate all the 2020 HTM graduates! It is through your relentless determination and ability to acclimate to the ever-changing environment around you that you will impact the world.

I am sure this was not the ending to your academic career that you envisioned. However, the good news is while you may have been displaced from your traditional academic classrooms, been sent home from your internships, and had your graduation ceremonies cancelled, none of this will affect the future trajectory of your career.

As HTM professionals, every day we are forced to quickly adapt and overcome to be successful in our jobs. We are constantly needing to find solutions to new challenges while working in an environment that is dynamic, as no two days are the same.

Another lesson you will learn throughout your career is that the path to success is not linear, it is circuitous. So, your ability to thrive in a situation that you all were inadvertently thrown into during the last three months should help you discover how agile you all really are. Being self-aware of this will only make you stronger and more successful in the real world.

Remember, our unique stories make us all who we are and the professionals we become. Being a student during the COVID-19 pandemic is just another unique page to your story. I suggest that you take this time to start writing your own story and discovering the new people you have become throughout this journey.

You own the pen, so today is a great day to start writing your story!

Danielle McGeary, CHTM, is vice president of healthcare technology management at AAMI.

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